Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#3, 2010 : Phlog me (again)!

A telephonic reflection about the trip to Portland by Dale and Michael G ... and other musings ... happy listening!

The SpinVox script and tags (talking about pickles!) is fascinating. Here's an excerpt [unedited] :

I have decided to do my latest reflection by a flog(?) using our patio and I hope the people don't know anything how captive being how captive for the duration of this monolog. Something that I'm aware of is that unlike writing you can't skim and scan and something that my solicit(?) become massive all those pictures ___ administrators so that rises the issue of ___ me and I guess I'm working against my unprepaired method of expression which is writing which is something that infinitely editable(?) and I think that voice on the other hand seems to be very unforgiving you got one chance to get it right and then if you want to record from scratch you're in a bit of a pickle so look I'm using some scratchy notes too.

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