Friday, July 24, 2009

Moon Walkin' and Talkin'

I know, I know, I know ... the stuff of talk back radio and celebrity TV interviews - the big question seems to be orbiting like a pesky Sputnik: "Where were you 40 years ago?"

The moon walk : an amazing achievement ... pity though you gotta trade your house for a card-board box if you want health care in the States)

So, Where were you 40 years ago? What were you doing? How old were you? Did you watch it on TV? Listen to it on radio or read about it in the papers? (Would love to know what you Acenetworkers were up to back then)

The question went down well with my ESL learners this week. Followed on from the themes of TIME and WEATHER we covered the week before and I was able to integrate in a fair bit of grammar work around the use of since/for/ago/last.

Got some interesting discussion contributions at my VOXOPOP site ... everything ranging from "I was in my Mum's tummy" to "who cares ... I was in China at the time trying to fend off the Red Guards!" Well ... not quite (and excuse my flippancy ) ... but take a look and have a listen.

The discussion extended to other historically significant events - where we were and how we felt about the collapse of the Soviet Union, the assassination of JFK, the Tsunami, the 11th of September, etc.

See the latest lesson at :

Have branched out into getting students to interview one another and hopefully begin to comment on postings - time to do this always a problem. I think you also need much greater numbers contributing - even though there are 38 members. I am currently seeking to include outsiders ... just about anyone! so yes, Acenetworker - that includes YOU. Join in the fun:

This comes with the realisation (as the moderators of this network are undoubtedly aware) that increasing activity and contributions within an online community - sometimes by hook or by crook o0( hey! where's my prize? Hopefully a trip to Paris flying first class?) - is crucial to its successful functioning.

My students and I are also going to do a bit of a video VOXOPOP around the centre this week ... so stay tuned and see how our moon walkin' and talkin' turns out

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  1. Gosh you're a living e-legend Dale!
    I'll read the 'fineprint' of your e-history in ACE when I've got some more spare time these hols.
    The moon walk now always reminds me of Lemon Jelly's Space walk (don't think I can link in here to You tube).
    I'm most impressed with your Free ESL blog and would love to use it and get my ESL3 F/wks students involved in the Vox pop.
    We have some tech issues to sort out first. (No internet or PC in classroom and the PC room is in great demand). Nevertheless in the meantime you're welcome to view our wiki 'cnlctalks' to see what we're up to. You'll need a generic ID: students and P/W: cnlc1234.
    enjoy the hols,